Ghost Tenant

Ghost Tenant at Short Film Corner in Cannes

Premiering at the Short Film Corner at the
Cannes International Film Festival

The Feature Film


Ned is an elderly man who obsesses over his health and is conscious of his every heartbeat. His nightmares about having a heart attack make him a near insomniac. After one such nightmare, Ned is feeling out of sorts. He is shocked when he notices a lifeless body resembling himself, lying on his bed. Uncomfortable with what he sees, Ned ignores it and goes on with his day.

Charles Gorgano in Ghost Tenant

When Ned is visited by his landlord George, something seems to have changed. Ned watches as George discovers Ned's expired body lying in bed. Ned tries to communicate his fears and concerns about what is happening, but George is unaware of Ned's ghostly presence.

Charles Gorgano & Duane Shepard in Ghost Tenant

Charles Gorgano as "Ned" & Duane Shepard as "George"

Charles Gorgano as Ned in Ghost Tenant

Ghost Tenant... Just a slice of afterlife!