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Articles on Director Luke Sabis and on Missing Child, his feature film Directorial Debut

Missing Child is one of those films which successfully manages to combine innovation and entertainment. Initially, you’d think this a film of a young woman who goes looking for her real parents. She has never known them, having been kidnapped at a young age. What you got is a story which is far more complex than it initially appears, characters who are far more disturbing than they initially let on and themes that will provoke strong discussions long after the movie is watched. Director, producer, co-writer and lead actor, Luke Sabis, makes a fine debut into the realm of feature films with Missing Child. Continue at...

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This film had a premise that intrigued me, in fact its themes of uncertain identities and rediscovering past events made me think of Spider, one of David Cronenberg’s earlier and much weaker films. However, Missing Child isn’t much like Spider at all, it contains some similar themes, but it is a much better film and the narrative heads in a direction that I didn’t expect and could never have expected. Continue at...


True Hollywood Talks catches up with director Luke Sabis after his win at Idyllwild. Continue at...

True Hollywood Talk

Luke Sabis is a filmmaker, actor, composer, and former musician known for acting in Cleaver’s Destiny, and directing Missing Child and Ghost Tenant. He performed with the rock band, The Take, in the 1990s. Sabis was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Queens, New York. He attended St. John’s University where he earned a computer science degree; his first job was in this field. He wrote and played rock music with his band, The Take, at The Bitter End, CBGBs, and Kenny’s Castaways, among other places in New York City. Turning to acting, Sabis appeared in some Off-Off-Broadway productions in New York, including as a member of Ken Terrell’s Curan Repertory Company. Sabis went through the film program at Los Angeles City College. Soon after he directed, acted in, and composed the score for his first film, Missing Child. The film was screened at the 2014 Boston International Film Festival, the Dances With Films festival in Hollywood California, and the Hawaii Big Island Film Festival. In May 2015, Sabis’ Ghost Tenant had its world premiere in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. Continue at...

One West Magazine

In April 2012, UK police released an age progressed photo of Madeleine McCann, the little girl who disappeared from her holiday bedroom almost six years earlier, while her parents dined nearby. The high profile case captured the imagination of the public, and the new image prompted the question – if you were abducted at a young age, and saw an image in the media that you recognized as yourself, how would you react? Continue at...

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Missing Child on IMDB

Making its world premiere at the Boston International Film Festival, as well as marking the directorial debut of writer/actor Luke Sabis, is MISSING CHILD.  In short, MISSING CHILD is not to be missed at Boston or anywhere else on the festival circuit.  It is a film of which distributors should sit up and take notice as MISSING CHILD shines bright in the indie world. Continue at...

Behind the Lens

It’s sort of amazing just how much you can learn about a total stranger during a short phone call. I suspect that it depends on who it is that you’re talking to. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with film director/writer/actor/musician Luke Sabis who is the force behind the award-winning indie film, “Missing Child” and the upcoming “Ghost Tenant.” Sabis is an open book, at least, he appears to be. Though I didn’t want to keep him tied up on the phone, he was in no hurry to end the call. He was relaxed and talked to me as if I were a friend. By the time we said goodbye, I felt like I was. Continue at...


For years we’ve heard about the plight of many a struggling actor or wanna-be filmmaker. They have a dream and ache to escape their reality to make it big. They usually do so against the odds and with minimal support. Maybe working two jobs or patching time to make it to auditions. And for those who fail to make the limelight, their tortured souls languish in a position that fails to satisfy their creative desires. Continue at...

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Missing Child on Wikipedia

Missing Child” is a psychological thriller that follows the story of Gia (Kristen Ruhlin), a young woman who never knew her parents and has many questions about her mysterious past. When her boyfriend Joe (Luke Sabis) stumbles upon an online listing for a missing girl whose digitally aged picture resembles Gia, a series of events, including a fateful encounter with her possible father Henry (Charles Gorgano), is set off that will uncover the lies and secrets that built who she is now. Continue at...

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Marking an impressive feature debut by actor/director/co-writer Luke Sabis, Missing Child touches on the weighty topics of childhood sexual abuse, kidnapping and prostitution with an impressively assured, mature perspective. The film revolves around Gia (Kristen Ruhlin), a young woman struggling to overcome her trauma-filled past by finding the biological parents whom she was illegally wrested from as a child. Continue at...


Behind the Lens Episode #42

Broadway World

A debut for directing and writing, Luke Sabis, also starring as our heroine’s unpredictable boyfriend Joe, brings us Missing Child. Sabis’ narrative film splices mystery and psychological drama as Gia, a woman whose childhood is as vacant as her parents, feels lost and undiscovered. With the help of Joe, Gia discovers a description and a photo of a lost child that bares some resemblance to herself, leading her to uncover her past as well as uncovering a handful of other secrets along the way. Continue at...

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